The truth.

I am NOT financially stable. 

Today I told my friends I couldn’t go out to lunch because I was running errands with my cousin. Truth is, I was. I go out with my cousin to get out of the house. I stay inside the house because I fear that I will spend money one SOMETHING that I can’t afford. To be quite honest, I can’t afford ANYTHING. I can’t afford a coffee from Starbucks, a plate of garlic salmon from genki, the small fries off the dollar menu, bus fare…I can’t afford the littlest things. I wish I could find a penniless way to spend quality time with my friends…I wish I could financially support my grandma and mother who’ve been supporting me since I was born…I want to go back to school. I want to grow up and grow financially stable at the same time. In order to do that, I have to save money. If I have to stay at home on my days off, work a seasonal job as hard as I can, hide my debit cards from myself, talk myself out of buying EVERYTHING…just to save up money…Then I will. 

It hurts so bad to not be so fortunate. I feel like I’m not working hard enough nor putting in enough effort in anything I do.

I am NOT financially stable.

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Posted on Tuesday, 8 November
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